Mining activities which are currently being carried out by Class C Mining License Holders and Class C Licensees that are using Heavy Earth Moving Equipment, including Mining Cooperatives operating under Class C licenses, continue to cause serious environmental problems to our landforms, water bodies and rural communities in which these activities are taking place.

Due to the severe environmental impacts associated with these operations and to effectively control the trade in mineral commodities from these mining operations, the Ministry of Mines & Energy hereby declares a nationwide moratorium on the use of heavy earth moving equipment by all Class C Mining license holders and Mining Cooperatives.

Note: Only valid Class B and Class A Mining license holders can use heavy earth moving equipment. All Mining Inspectors, County authorities and law enforcement officers are hereby encourage to enforce this moratorium accordingly!

This Moratorium takes immediate effect and is valid until otherwise lifted by the MINISTER.

Issued by: the MINISTER, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Republic of Liberia.

Issue Date: January 22, 2020