October 19, 2020
The United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) in collaboration and consultation with relevant Government of Liberia (GoL) Ministries Agencies and Commissions (MACs) has developed a new Energy & Environment program document; which will be implemented over a period of 5 years, commencing January 2020 up to December 2024. The program will be
executed under the UNDP National Implementation Modality (NIM), consistent with its Standard Basic Assistance Agreement (SBAA) between UNDP and GoL, and the Country Programme. As part of implementation of the five year program, the Government of Liberia and the UNDP
have planned to intervene in the environmental and human rights issues in the artisanal mining sector.

After 14-year civil conflict, there has been limited investments across the country thus constraining income and livelihoods of many within the population, especially war affected youth in rural areas and economically deprived young people in urban settlements who have been pressured to migrate in rural areas in search of income and livelihood. The artisanal mining sector (ASM) of Liberia has attracted both local and foreign miners owing to the limited barriers to entry in the sector, including limited expertise and equipment utilized and the income and livelihood the sector offers. The sector is said to be a major source of livelihood for more than 100,000 gold and diamond miners in Liberia who depend on the sector for income (World Bank, 2012). Notwithstanding, the sector for the most part has been under-regulated thus undermining its huge potential to support social economic growth and livelihood of rural communities with little or no access to basic services and income generating activities. The lack of governance and regulation in the sector has rendered it a source of environmental pollution, conflict and abuse of rights of women and children (Regulatory Roadmap for the Artisanal Mining Sector of Liberia- 2016). Due to the current exorbitant cost of artisanal mining licenses ($150 license fee, $150 survey fee and $50 clearance fee), many persons have preferred to operate illegally, sometimes in protected areas where those activities are not allowed. Other challenges faced by the artisanal miners include: Limited knowledge about Mining and Environmental Laws and existing human rights, as well as gender issues; Complex and often convoluted supply-chains which often make the operators susceptible to exploitation; lack of access to credit; low level of knowledge among miners about commodities (gold and diamond) value and pricing and absence of regulations to ensure that commodities are produced and sold legally.

Consequently, miners operate in an environment of crude, illegal and nonproductive work activities, often resulting in various negative health, safety, security, environmental and socio- economic impacts that affect the miners, environment and host communities. Mitigating these impacts would require building the capacity of the miners and host communities so that they become knowledgeable of the enforceable regulations in place as well as the roles of the regulatory authorities’ agencies (Ministry of Mines and Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Development Authority); so that they can take concrete measures in observing
safeguards and participate in environmental monitoring. Developing a Liberian user friendly ASM handbook will ensure that communities, who are the direct recipients of the negative environmental and social impacts of ASM activities, have the capacity to participate in the governance of the sector, including monitoring. Development of the handbook and follow up
training and awareness will enhance participatory monitoring of the ASM sector.

The overall objectives of this initiative is to support the development of a simple English (user- friendly) training handbook for artisanal miners and mining host communities to provide them with much needed skills and knowledge. It will also empower miners to be aware of their rights,
roles and responsibilities, and create a triple win system whereby the immense potential of the ASM sector to generate socio-economic benefits for miners, mining communities, and the Government of Liberia is harnessed.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy now invites qualified Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services to lead the production of jingles, posters and stickers that promotes sustainable ASM. Interested Consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services by submitting their detailed information (brochures, past performance records, references of similar assignments executed in the recent past). They must also provide description of work experience both general and on similar assignments. Specific experience on World Bank funded projects will be an added advantage.

A National Consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Public. Procurement and Concession Commission Act as restated in 2010 and operating Guidelines.

Qualification Requirements
 Education:

  • BA, or its equivalent in Mass Communication or English or other related fields.
     Experience:
  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience
  • Proven experience in developing/implementing similar projects in Liberia or the sub-region
  • Previous successful experience in producing posters, stickers and jingles
  • Previous experience with MME, EPA, & UNDP contract is an added advantage
  • Experience of work in the region is an asset
     Other Skills:
  • Excellent team player with good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage workload with minimum supervision
  • Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Ability to accommodate additional demands at short notice
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment

Submission and Deadline
Sealed Expressions of interest (EOI) must be delivered in hard copy to the address below and labelled “Expression of Interest” (Ref.: EOI N0: MME/EPA/UNDP/REOI/002/20/21) not later than Monday, October 26, 2020 at 3:00 PM. Late EOI will be rejected and returned to consultant

Interested Consultant may obtain further information detailing Terms of Reference (TOR) at the below address during office hours from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on week days (Monday – Fridays) before the EOI submission deadline.

This REOI is published on the following websites:,,, and for wider access/convenience.

The referred address is:

The Procurement Director
Procurement Unit, Ground Floor, Room #10
Ministry of Mines and Energy
Capitol Hill, P.O. Box 10-9024
United Nations Drive
1000 Monrovia 10Liberia, West Africa