The Ministry of Mines & Energy is the statutory agency of government in charge of administering the mining sector of Liberia. It was established by an act of Legislature as part of the executive branch of government. The fundamental legal instrument used to administer the mineral sector is the New Minerals and Mining Law of Liberia which was approved and became effective in April of 2000. While the Ministry is the lead agency in managing the sector, it also plays a major role in other related sectors.

The Ministry has direct oversight responsibility in the energy sector, and also similar role in developing the water resources of the country. The Ministry functions in the area of policy formulation for the energy, hydrocarbon and water sectors of the country.

The Ministry is headed by a Minister who is appointed by the President and assisted by principal deputies. Subordinate to these principal deputies are assistant ministers who assist the Minister through his principal deputies. As with the Minister, all deputy and assistant ministers are appointed by the President of the Republic and have to undergo confirmation by the Senate before assuming official duties.

Key Functions

In summary, the Ministry performs the following functions:

  • Conduct evaluation of mineral applications and grant mineral rights
  • Promote geo-scientific collection and dissemination about the nation’s mineral and water resources
  • Engage in scientific investigations for the proper assessment of mineral and water resources
  • Promote research programs and activities favoring the development of new and alternative renewable sources of energy
  • To monitor and enforce compliance of all policies, laws and regulations pertaining to research, exploration, development and exploitation of mineral, waters and energy resources in Liberia
  • Promulgate new regulations to guide and govern the mineral and energy sectors


The structure of the Ministry is best encapsulated in its organogram, which reflects the hierarchy of decision-making flow and the chain of command in the Ministry.


Year Event
1930 Bureau of Mines & Geology created under the Ministry of Finance
1951 Cartography established under the Ministry of Public Works
1957 Cartography (MPW) and the Bureau of Mines & Geology merged to Bureau of Natural Resources & Surveys; this merger formed the embryo of the Ministry. Hydrological Survey functions were partially performed by the Ministry of Public Works at this time. Cadastral Survey services still performed by the Ministry of Public Works then.
1972 Ministry of Lands & Mines created by an act of Legislature
1982 PRC Decree #55 created the Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy by raising the Bureau of Hydrocarbons to a Department level
2007 Officially commissioned the Government Diamond Office (GDO) to ensure diamonds is Kimberley compliant
2010 Launch and dedication of a modernized “Mining Cadastre Information Management System” at the Ministry
2017 The Land Rights Act creating the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) as an autonomous agency passed into law in September, thereby removing from the Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy the land component of the ministry. Now the Ministry of Mines & Energy.