The Department of Mineral Exploration and Environmental Research (D’MER) was established in accordance with the 1972 Executive Law Chapter 33. The department has the responsibility to provide guidance for geotechnical investigations of engineered landfill sites, oversees the development and management of natural resources and sanitation sector and to conduct scientific and technical investigations required for environmental assessments. The Department is also responsible for granting research licenses. The list of licenses issued through the Department are:

  • Reconnaissance license
  • Prospecting license
  • Exploration licenses

The Department is also responsible to:

  • collect and distribute information about the mineral and water resources of the nation;
  • conduct research and exploration in geology and related fields for new sources of supply and evolution of mineral resources and preparing topographic and mineral maps thereof;
  • Monitor compliance levels, as well as, enforcing all laws and regulations e.g. Exploration Regulations (2010) and the New Mineral and Mining Law (2000).

The Department implements its responsibilities through two Bureaus:

Liberian Geological Survey (LGS)

Liberian Hydrological Service (LHS)