LEC Announces Life Line (Social) Tariff

LEC is pleased to announce the introduction of its Lifeline (Social) Tariff

The lifeline Tariff is an initiative of LEC which has been approved by the LEC Board and Liberia Electricity  Regulatory Commission (LERC).

It’s aim is to make LEC mains electricity more accessible and affordable to households and small business who have low level requirements for electricity.

Question 1:      Who is the Lifeline Tariff Aimed at

Answer 1:         The life line tariff is aimed at all small users of electricity who use less than 20KWh of electricity per month

Question 2:      How much is the lifeline tariff

Answer 2:         The lifeline Tariff is US$0.22 per kWh + GST

Question 3:      How do I get the lifeline Tariff

Answer 3:         LEC knows how much you purchase each month, if your consumption is less than 20KWh per month you will automatically get the Lifeline Tariff

Question 4:      What happens if I exceed the 20 kWh in a month

Answer 4:         You automatically revert to US$0.35+GST per kWh

Question 5:      What will 20KWh cost me.

Answer 5:         At present 20KWh will cost you US$7.70 including GST

Once on Lifeline Tariff 20kWh will cost you US$4.84 including GST

Question 6:      When can I get my Lifeline Tariff Token

Answer 6:         The Lifeline Tariff will go live from 10:00 am on May 1st, 2021 and is available through normal LEC vending outlets.

Question 7:      Why introduce a Life-Line Tariff

Answer 7:         LEC commissioned a cost-of-service study which recommended introducing a lifeline – social tariff of US$0.22 per kWh for small residential consumers applicable to consumption of up to 20 kWh per month.

                             LEC supports this recommendation.

Optimization study for the Development of Power Generation in Liberia

Optimization Study for the Development of
Power Generation in Liberia

World Bank Direct Budget Support Priority Action 1