Gesler Murray
Gesler E. Murray, Minister, Ministry of Mines and Energy

H.E. Honourable Gesler E. Murray is a geologist by profession with 38 years of experience across the private, public, and academic sectors. He holds a B.Sc. degree in geology (1980) and a M.A. in International Relations (1998) both from the University of Liberia. He holds two post graduate certificates, one in Petroleum Economics from the Economic Development Bureau, New Haven Connecticut, USA (1981), and the other from the University of Michigan, USA (2015) in a research study on sedimentary processes, focusing mainly on the features and aquifer capacity of the Paynesville Sandstone of Liberia. He has also received numerous trainings through workshops, seminars and conferences both locally and internationally in the mineral and energy sectors. His last engagement was at the University of Liberia where he served as Instructor of Geology and Chairman of the Department of Geology and Mining Engineering of the College of Engineering. His vision is to see the Ministry of Mines & Energy (hereinafter called the Ministry for short) become a good example in the delivery of quality public services that will raise much needed revenues to improve the living standard of Liberians across the country. His mission is to coordinate the mobilization of all necessary resources (human, material, and financial) accompanied by their appropriate deployment thus allowing the Ministry to effectively deliver on its mandate and functions, i.e. to administer the Mining and Energy Laws of Liberia. One of his strengths is that he has climbed many ranks and files of the Ministry which allowed him to accumulate a good amount of institutional knowledge. Some of the positions he served at the Ministry include: Field Geologist; Senior Exploration Geologist; Chief Geologist; Director of Planning & Development; Assistant Minister of Planning & Operations; and Assistant Minister of Mineral Exploration & Environmental Research.